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It's Been a Quiet Day Here on KP Ranch

To shamelessly steal from what I'm listening to at the present time. Got up more or less after a sleep-in of an hour past normal. Spent coffee time surfing and commenting in various & sundry LJ places. Went out to feed the critters, and Mama Munch is still smelling Eau de Bitchinheat, the Border Collie Bros being much interested in their mother... who is not interested in them.

It's a curious thing, this. We shall visit it anon.

Back up by the house to feed the chickens and discuss with a couple of the roosters exactly what it means to try testing me. Message received with little effort on my part, neither of them opted to be dinner tonight. Munch asked to go into the house while watering the birds, someone up the road a ways started doing some target practice and she is gun-shy. So she happily went up the ramp into the house to her Safe Place. I turned back around to finish the watering of the birds.

Squrrel and Smudge started their "Visitors" barking shortly after, and around the corner of their kennel came Michael. Michael is Munch's Main Squeeze, her Big Dog, the Father of her Pups. They live three-quarters of to a mile or so apart from each other now, but whenever she starts wearing Eau de Bitchinheat... Michael knows. He's well behaved when he comes calling, and I've no problems giving him a ride home. Such a clever fellow, figuring out so many different ways to slip his leash in pursuit of Pure Doggie Love (or Lust, as the case may be).

But it does seem to be some kind of bonding, at least on Munch's part. She won't have another dog. One from across the road tried... he won't be back. And she simply sits down around her boys, the Border Collie Bros. Lets them know if they get too pushy, as well.

It's Michael, only Michael, that holds her heart.

Followed up a little bit on a notice seen now in several LJ Friends posting. I shan't mention the name of That Site since some of my follow-up (without actually visiting That Site) indicates less than desirable behavior exhibited in relation to commentary. I'd not heard of it prior to these notes, so felt fairly comfortable that I won't be involved... but based on the concept that it was about time to check the "keys" anyway, adjusted some aspects of accessing my LJ. Give someone else a "copy" of the key? Maybe... if in RL you'd already watched my back over something. Haven't met you at all and you want the key to provide me a service?

Riiiiight. BTW, I've a bridge near Nyack, NY to sell you, too.

Oh well, another byte of evidence to support my theory that contrary to popular opinion, Common Sense isn't. Common, that is. Learned, it is.

So I guess it's time to go pursue such culinary skills as I possess and prepare some solid fuel. I do know how to cook, though being 80 - 90% anosmic it's never been something I much enjoy doing. Which is one of the many reasons I treasure my Best Girlfriend so. She does enjoy cooking. My waistline shows that I enjoy eating her cooking, too.

No, I'm far from needing a gastric bypass, thank you.
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