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Another Quiet Day... Different Reasons

Another quiet day. Michael did not show up, which means either or both he's been adequately secured or Mama Munch is smelling less interesting. Couldn't tell by her sons, though.

Other news... this morning Munch's nose found the remnants of placenta/umbilical cord out in the West Paddock, but I couldn't find a kid anywhere and none of the doe's looked like they'd recently given birth. Walked a search pattern looking for the kid and other sign, because one of the yearling doelings was down, no strength to get up. Initial reaction on my part is she's exhausted, and were the goats run by a neighbor dog or something else? I did a close inspection, looking for injuries and also wondering if she's the one who kidded. She had no visible injuries, no signs at all. Udder is still totally un-bred un-developed, and what I did find was something else.

Loose stool. OK, so go be yecked out elsewhere. We're talking taking care of livestock here, and this one started me thinking she ate something she shouldn't have. I managed to get a bit of sugar/electrolyte fluids into her, but as of 16:00 she's still down, weaker. I don't think she'll survive the night.

On the other hand, I found the kid. I'd walked over to check the water trough, then over to make sure Houdini has water as well. Under the big oak, saw a flash of white. Dry, long umbilicus shrunken but still moist. She wasn't there this morning... and she is a doeling.

And still none of the doe's reacting to the kid's cry. Not one nicker. Checked with Ruthie via phone, and the one doe she thinks might be/may have been pregnant still looks pregnant. I've brought her up to hospital, but I'm not hopeful here either. As dry as she is she's been out probably since shortly after I fed this morning. We're long past the critical bonding period now.

And I stumbled across a notice, via a friend of friend LJ, that Andre Norton is nearing the end of her days, as well. One of the giants of SF; maybe not a challenging philosopher type writer, but a good storyteller, and one of my key introductions to the genre.

So it goes.

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