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Who here remembers when 28.8 meant a fast modem & connection?

::raises hand::

I'm here today I want to say briefly but considering the connection probably not, on a 28.8 Kbps connection via our < sarcasm mode > Wonderful, Helpful, Considerate Telephoney Provider < /sarcasm mode > and our old, rural, North Central Baja Jorja dial-up. Even though friends who are a shade over 1.6 Km further along the road, and the phone line, from the bloody exchange box have DSL via the same < sarcasm mode > Wonderful, Helpful, Considerate Telephoney Provider < /sarcasm mode > that same provider continues to insist that we can't get it here.

Even though that same (under a different name, two mergers ago) provider convinced the Baja Jorja Legislature that they just had to increase rates back in '04 to cover repairs and upgrades to improve services to the citizens of our fair state ... WE can't get DSL here.

This is my reason for ranting today. I've just upgraded the AVG installation on Herself's PC, and considering the state of Laptop Herself's PC is the only one in the house with any connection to the 'Net out here at teh Ranch. Now of course, the AVG app says it needs the most up to day anti-everything definition files, and so yes I tell it Go Get 'Em. It's a 71.2 Mb (NOTE: NOT GIGA - MEGA) file. So far 5.5 Mb are downloaded and AVG says it will take another NINE HOURS (this estimate flucuates as time passes - been as high as 10.5 hours and as low as 8.8 hours) to finish the download.

It'll probably time out before then. Ah! Look! In the time since I typed 5.5 Mb up there we've made it to 6.0 Mb!

So I'm not surfing around, and even though I do enjoy reading about y'all's adventures and stuff I'm not sticking around here on the off chance that that will maximise the limited, coronary-artery-plaque-obstructed Myo-f*ckin-cardial Infarction inducing < sarcasm mode > Wonderful, Helpful, Considerate Telephoney Provider < /sarcasm mode > 28.8 Kbps connection throughput to try to get Herself some AVG download.

Houdini & I are goin' to Studio guys. See ya later.
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