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Be Afraid

I am.

Another... day... at hospital. Passed through several mood and attitude changes, nothing unexpected as it were. Went through what would produce a Rant Mode On though it would be a short rant. IM*SO*FNA. Followed that with OK, let's just get this over with. Turn into, You know, magnets both attract... and repel. Then, Why am I recreating the wheel? I'm always recreating the wheel. You don't understand, I'm recreating the wheel. Well, that wasn't me, exactly, more someone I spent a part of the day with. Rather predictable, and enuff of a trademark around here that if one goes wandering through the halls muttering that loudly enough people around will say sympathetically, "Working with Dr. V today?"

Oh yeah. Recreating the wheel. You think you understand, but you don't.

Twenty-two days until the annual hadj, but who's counting? That will be a week this time around, I've already got the PDA set up for the What To Do and it's going to be the most hectic hadj yet. Remind me again... no, never mind. I remember. Still, it will be in N'Orleans and there is time built in to Expose Film To Light Under Controlled Circumstances, yeah baby, and some of it may involve people wearing very little more than they were born with. Lafayette Cemetary #3, Gumbo, po boy sandwiches, yes indeedy.

But who's counting?

'Nuff indulging in flight of ideas. I go home now.

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