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Wrapping Up The Week

Getting ready to head out from Hospital.

I've been searching/reading on various lighting tools in between getting work done for Hospital. Lots of interesting toys out there, and actually I've been looking at more than simply lights. Reflectors, surfaces which can serve as either a reflector or backdrop depending on need, studio equipment & supplies.

Here's the kicker: it comes down to price/time. If the price is to my budget fairly reasonable, then my time is more valuable and I might see to buying it. Price gets more dear, and I'll start looking at 'guerrilla' engineering it. Not necessarily declining to ever purchase, rather finding a way to improvise something that works.

Which may still get back to some of those reflective film surfaces I found today.

Other folk I've been reading are much more comfortable with putting a 'wish list' out there on various sites. Me? I'm thinking my Old Man had more to do with my attitudes about such than I realised prior to recent events. Still... he also taught me a lot on how to do a goodly portion of that 'guerrilla' engineering. Which is why one stop tonight on the way home is at the Ace Hardware.

Probably off-line for the weekend. Even though equipment for Sky Interwebz arrived at teh Ranch, still pending on installation and that is something that my time is more valuable about than otherwise. I'll pay the installer.


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Dec. 18th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
Come Home Boss
It is time for BossStaysHomeDays.
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