madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Morning Rounds

We all headed out around 10-ish. Herself fed the Kid while Houdini & I fed teh Horses, then Herself & I fed the adult goats while Houdini watched the gate. Now Herself is off on the feed run and I'll be heading out to do some chores while waiting to help her unload on return.

File copying (photographs), and backup. Exciting, yes? Cleared the 1 Gb card which am using in the D3000. It had been used in the CoolPix point and shoot, there were some photos from that source still on the card. That's part of the copy/backup process. Now, with a freshly cleared card, the camera tells me 58 photographs may be made.

And yes, I am enjoying the ease of access via Sky Interwebz. Why do you ask?
Tags: photography, ranch

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