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Most Probably

This is, most probably, the last post of 2009 I expect. Herself is off to the store and a fill-up for Forrest NissanPickup, and I've done a walkabout with Houdini to feed the cows and teh Horses. It's an interesting day to wrap up the year.

Studio session with Doozer la Fae, quite a bit of fun and some oddness as well. She brought out Techno, which isn't the oddness. Original plans had been her brother coming with her, which apparently fell through because brother went to help another brother move. As she said going into the session, 'Hey, want to come help move? O, Hai, Photoshoot, sorry.' Oddness involved using a goat skull as a telephone.

Other fun aspects, Herself experimented a bit with her new camera, then we set both up on tripods and framed up, and... O Hai, One Remote, Two Cameras! Since both are Nikons I suspected this would happen. The infrared remote, if positioned correctly, will tell both cameras to trip the shutter with the same signal. Rather fun to hear the two cameras chirping at each other.

New monitors arrived today, another of our Christmas presents to ourselves.

This evening we're off to neighbors for New Years; either that or Horse Arena. I'm not sure which yet. Possibly both.

What's the year, the decade been like? Busy. Crazy. Changes. Life. For the decade, goals achieved in my participation in my nursing association. Lessons learned in that process, friends met and made, and lots of travel. Parents (Herself's this round) and siblings (mine), and friends (ours) who completed their life journeys. A Month of Storms followed by a year of Historic Storms. The KittehsOfApocalypse, the Border Collie Bros, and teh Horses joined our lives; others departed. Art made, and steps made in the process of showing same.

For the year? A microcosm of the decade, simply fewer joining and departing.

May the next decade be full of much the same for us all.

Right now, it's time to go feed the Bros. Someone is reminding me of this, not too subtly either.

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