madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Quiet Day

Houdini and I got the rounds done in a more relaxed manner than yesterday, despite it being colder this morning. Yesterday we needed to get that done, and a run into town for hay and cow feed, before heading into Studio to finish setup. This morning we both headed out later and moved slower. I've been feeling rather short-leash to the porcelain throne. Either something I drank (not the food from yesterday for sure) or the time off allowed me to un-lax enough that the stress I've been feeling recently settled into the gut. Does that, betimes.

Yah, been feeling some stress recently. Don't go on about it much here; this place is one of my places to look away from it, set my mind on more pleasant things. And truth be told, some of it is indeed 'anticipatory' stress, thinking ahead to something and dwelling upon it. We will be busy at Hospital this coming year, having signed a contract to replace our 25 year old Hospital Information System with a new one, incorporating a complete electronic medical record. Due to both federal and vendor financial incentives, this will be done (we're just starting now) in 14 - 15 months.

Yah. Gonna be busy.

Meanwhile enjoyed a marvelous Studio session with a couple of very fun models yesterday. The theme of the day was Goth. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and preliminary scan of the results provides a good number of photos. In the very early stage of post-production here, keeping the RAW and creating JPG copies, and making backups. Which is the same thing going on from the NYE shoot mentioned earlier.

Then went over to S & K's for dinner and a movie, taking the new Star Trek DVD I received for Giftmas to provide evening viewing. Good visit, lots of intriguing discussion, and an entertaining movie.

Herself arrived home safe from the 3rd Annual Iron Chef Trimaris, and she WON!

Tomorrow... the Dentist.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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