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Trading Cards
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User Number: 3334507
Date Created:06/01/2004
Number of Posts: 17

madshutterbug is a member of Size3Clique3. He is responsible for consumption of mass quantities of beer on multiple occasions, and is known to emulate the Gulls from Finding Nemo, picking things up as he walks about saying "Mine." He likes to eat, which the hogs on his ranch really don't like very much.
Strengths: Good eye, great shot, quick with a camera, knows anatomy and physiology. Knows people all over the world. Can do quadratic equations underwater.
Weaknesses: Beer, women, fast tractors, expensive cameras.
Special Skills: Expert level 7 Goat-fu and Pig-fu, Professional Photographer
Weapons: Shotguns, rifles, pistols, swords, cameras.
Kuma's Playpen: It's big, it's private, it's mine, have been known to shoot at trespassers.

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