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Houdini woke me this morning near 'normal' time, at least for the work-week. However, not to discourage him as he needed a constitutional, we got up and headed out. Standing there while he took care of business, I thought to myself it didn't get quite as cold as forecast...

And it did not.

Here's the gig, though:
-1°C (30°F) Feels Like -6°C (21°F) and yes, there is a good brisk breeze out, experienced during Houdinis morning constitutional at 05:45 (thank you for waking me, Houdini).
High today 7° C (44° F) AM Clouds / PM Sun
Low tonigh -6° C (21° F)
Chance of precipitation 20% dropping to 0%

I went looking for a particular photo to post, discovering that while once it was on-line somewhere it is not currently. So I opted to skip that aspect of life today. Possibly later. For now, hot coffee and company of a Best Friend.
Tags: life the universe and everything
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