madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Of Course

Houdini and I finished Morning Rounds long enough ago for me to come back inside and eat a light breakfast. It is indeed at least as cold as the proverbial Wiccan Mammaries out there; the thermometers I keep in shaded areas (exposure to direct sunlight in North Central Baja Jorja summers leads to disfunctional thermometers) both indicate that the temperature is 0 C/32 F. The 5 degree C wind chill is truly in effect.

So of course one of the adolescent does kidded this morning. Both kids are now in the shelter, one she dropped there, one just outside. I gave her some time with that kid before going into the pen, at which point she promptly ran off to eat with the rest of the adolescent herd. Mind you, there is a feed pan in the shelter with her... At any rate, all I did do with the second kid is move him (is a buckling) into the shelter next to his sister and leave them alone. Minimal touch or scent from me, to give this youngster as good a chance at bonding as I can.

We're still overcast here. Further south is the precipitation, though we could get some. That overcast is mixed blessing right now. It's why we didn't get as cold last night as forecast (though we tried). It's also why we aren't budging very fast towards warmer, and trust me at this point even something around 5 C/40's F is warmer.
Tags: goats, ranch

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