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A Day

We're now seeing sunlight, came through the cloud cover probably a couple hours ago. What clouds we've got are also very high. Now I'm believing that we'll get cold cold cold tonight. Houdini and I are spending a fair amount of time outside, tanking up our bottle-kid and checking on those two new kids.

They aren't going to make it. One already hasn't. Too cold, too cold.

Between outdoors time, we've been cleaning off the desk in home office. I also brought over the keyboard from the office in Studio. No heat over there, other than the space heaters, and I'm not running those to keep the place warm enough to work at a desk. Enough to keep the interior above freezing, yes. As in one degree or so above freezing, in the main portion of the Studio.

Reason for bringing the keyboard over here is really because I want to hook up my new monitor. That requires re-arranging the desk, and I'm not sure if it will be easier to leave the Laptop connected to external monitor and keyboard like a significantly slender desktop PC or otherwise.

And even as it is set up, I will probably shift things around. Laptop is able to treat two monitors as a wonderfully flexible setup, with different resolutions on each monitor (Laptop's built-in and External). This is a marvelous setup for working on photographs, as a lot of applications allow placing toolbars and such on the second monitor and expanding the image view to the full screen of the larger monitor. Thing is, Monitor 1 is the built-in, and Monitor 2 is the external, and it's off to the 'right' of Monitor 1. Which makes things quite odd when Monitor 2 is physically located to the left of Laptop.

Zip that mouse cursor wayyyyy to the right and lo, it appears suddenly to the left...
Tags: life the universe and everything

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