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Quiet... DVD Commentary

The hog is delivered to Da King. The majority of the Clan supplies are also loaded and on the way, only a few left and one, maybe two more people to stop by for those.

It's gotten quiet here. *G*

Recently picked up Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2. I'm a fan of Tarantino, not necessarily a huge fan though as I prefer my Tarantino on DVD or Video rather than on the big screen. Consider that he worked for quite some time in a video store before becoming known in the movie industry, and consider that this implies a significant part of his appreciation for movies is via video/TV viewing...

Anyway, I don't think I'm going into a lot of depth here. Keep this thought in mind: didn't see either one of these until I picked up the DVD's recently. I'd heard a great deal of nattering that Vol. 2 isn't as good as Vol. 1; this from people who saw the movies in theater, and so separated in time between the two halves. That they are two halves of the same movie, I have no doubt. Watching the two parts in succession makes this obvious, and I think changes the aspect of looking at them as two separate works.

It's full of typical Tarantino: people who are hardly either "normal" or nice, but who are holding fairly "normal" conversations. At least until you get into the action sequences. These strongly demonstrate this is definitely an homage to action movies, as well as chambara (the entire Japan sequence is right out of chambara) and kung fu genre's. Well, those are sub-catagories of action films.

Despite the weaknesses I do find in this one (compared to, say, Pulp Fiction), I'm happy to add them to my Quirky Film Collection. That could well be due in part to the fact I bought them both on sale, marked down. Only in part, though. I just really enjoy quirky movies.

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