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Lot of wind yesterday evening and last night. Around the house there are a goodly number of smallish discards from the oaks, nothing more than say thumb diameter. Houdini and I walked the fence lines in the Cow Paddock after feeding them this morning. Good news, also nothing bigger than thumb diameter down and none of that can affect the fence.

Did find another sinkhole. Could be called a pair, as there is a divider between them. However, that divider is not more than 30 cm / 12" wide, they are smack next to each other so I'm considering it one sink. It is on a north-south line with the other, larger sink that opened in the Cow Paddock two-three years ago, possibly as much as 100 m / 100 yards or so further south. Thing is, this one's been there long enough, there's some grass and some ferns growing on the sides of it. So it isn't brand new.

That's life on a karst formation. *G*

Houdini is napping by my feet. Either he's snoring, or he's growling at something in a dream. I'm doing exciting book keeping, finishing off the '09 Ranch books. Maybe he's picking up on that, and he's growling at the Ai Arr Ess...
Tags: landscapes, life, weather

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