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Week End Morning

Someone who shall remain nameless but who is also pictured in the icon appended to this post graciously let me sleep in this Saturday. No small thing. Though when he decided time to get up truly did arrive, he got into bed to wake me. That's all right. I felt ready for up and moving and coffee.

We've done morning rounds and now Herself is off to purchase the feed; we'll be heading out to help unload at that time. After rounds, Houdini and I loaded up the pickup with the trash and hauled that off to the dump. I'd commented to Herself as we prepped to leave that it looked like several of the bins need replacing. In fact, while emptying one of them the wheels and axle popped off. That particular bin being a chronic offender in this act I simply let the whole bin drop into the building onto the pile. That's one to replace.

Then when home, rinsing them out I see light down there at the bottom... through big cracks down at the base. Those are still here, that simply reinforces my assessment. Time to replace several. The two with the big cracks will probably go to the recycling rather than into the fill.

On the agenda for the day are laundry, more exciting book keeping, and working on photo post-production. I investigated a quirk which the management software that came with Herself's new camera exhibited and found the solution. Didn't need to ask here, found it via other search processes, and asking here would be on the list if those hadn't provided the answer. The quirk is that ViewNX started displaying the wrong thumbnail view for an image, everything else being correct. The solution is to clear the app's cache. Easy enough.

Later, either today or tomorrow, we'll make a run to Sam's for some supplies and to a friends place to pick up our generator, which provided power for the Shire Holiday Float What Won First Place. And when the generator is home, there are some other chores needing to be done that require power, and a bit further from the houses than can provide.

Exciting, what?

Oh, and I really, really like my two-monitor display for working on photographs and even some other things to do. Really.
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