madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Agendas, Revised (Maybe Not So Much)

We rather got several things done, not everything done, and enjoyed our day.

Right, that's the wrap-up in a nutshell, as it were.

Laundry two loads done, partially because Herself wanted the whites (socks mostly) to soak for a stretch. While soaking we made the Sam's Club run, then to our friends place to pick up the generator. On the way home, ordered a pizza for dinner. There were no leftovers. I suspect we proved ourselves hungry. Houdini enjoyed the pizza bones.

Laundry (socks mostly) went into the dryer upon arrival home and before consuming mass quantities of carbohydrates. It remains there this morning, will be picked up and the next load started when we head out for morning rounds, I expect. Or more exactly will be spun through a bit again to eliminate overnight dampness, and picked up actually on the way back to House after morning rounds.

Some post-production work done, in the sense that DVD backups are now burned of one session and partially completed on the second session. Very interesting, that, when a two to three hour studio session provides enough image files to fill two DVD's. Once all backups are ensured it is time to begin doing more than simply viewing the shoots.

Simply viewing is something of a misgnomer. Misnomer? Anyway. Simply Viewing means look at each photo from the session in succession, rather like a very long slide show, and noting which ones possess what potential. Then, after garnering this information in one's mind Simply Viewing progresses to Viewing While Marking, as in which ones possess what potential.

Burning the DVD backups is become slightly more complex; Laptop hardware is a DVD/CD burner, however since the Crash and Resurrection, Laptop is not sure that it actually is able to burn a DVD. CD? Yes, no worries. DVD? Um, not so much sure. So the needed files are then copied onto a nice 8Gb memory stick thumb drive whatchamacollit, and we go to Herself's PC and burn the DVD. So it goes.

Also, I remember, I do, when I thought that Laptop's screen was big. Which it is, particularly when compared to Old Laptop or other portable type computing equipment. On the other hand, even being a 15" screen isn't big compared to New Monitor. Which is, of course, one of the things which made Simply Viewing a new experience.

Since Laptop doesn't believe the sound card works, either, there's no music. Could be, if I plugged the iShuffle into the speakers. Isn't, though, as I forgot to bring iShuffle with me.
Tags: life, photography, studio

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