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I am procrastinating. So far, here's what I've procrastinated today. Mind you, there is one thing left not done, and nearly all received some procrastination before being done.

Made morning Ranch rounds, including bottle-feeding 3 kids.
Sorting and starting laundry.
Starting a pot roast in the crock pot, using ingredients set out by Herself.
(She's at Hoggetowne today)
Mid-day Ranch rounds including bottle-feeding 3 kids.
Making a grocery run for some (not a lot) of groceries; specifically, Madame Queen Mary Kitteh nearly out of fudz.
Using opportunity of same to provide Houdini with Ride In Growliebeast.
Bit of post-production photography.
Evening Ranch rounds including Horses, Cows, and bottle-feeding 3 kids.
Feeding the BorderCollieBros.

Herself will most likely be home sometime around 19:00. Gate closes at Hoggetowne at 18:00. There will be some packing though not a huge amount as the pavilion etc will remain set up for 2nd Weekend. Cash boxes, cooler, those things will come home.

Exciting, what?
Tags: life the universe and everything

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