madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,


Early Morning Houdini is Early

And not to sure about his Human Person pointing the black box eye at him this hour of the day. It's all too confusing. Getting up this early usually means it is a BossGoesAwayDay. Yet here is Boss pointing the black box eye thingie and making it go caclick... which usually means not a BossGoesAwayDay.

Oh Well.

In other news, I'm thinking perhaps not to do the age restriction thing on photos other than those which truly need it. Reason, even though I mark them as NSW, and that marking shows for folks who are logged in... all the 'cut' text says if one isn't logged in is one may be about to view material that isn't for minors, and must then hit the button that says yes I'm over 18, before seeing if it is work safe or not. Which selecting yes I'm old enough simply kicks one into the photo, work safe or otherwise.

Opinions, anyone?
Tags: art, border collies, houdini, photography, portrait

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