madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Disgruntled Madshutterbug Is Disgruntled

In the past few weeks, I am becoming quite disgruntled with my service/connections to Flickr. I'm not sure exactly where the problem arises, under the theory that I recently renewed my license to AVG but have not installed the updated version of that program, and have also recently done one of the incremental upgrades to Firefox which is the browser I use most often. The behaviour I'm seeing on the connection to Flickr consists of two things in general:

A) After logging in, any time I select any of the links to get off that initial page showing my stats, recent uploads by 'friends and contacts' et cetera, the next page which comes up is a simple text page saying either "Done" or "Not Found". Not even "404 Not Found". Simply "Not Found."

B) After logging out, then selecting the "Log out of Yahoo" (which now owns Flickr) the next message is that my browser (Firefox) is trying to navigate to a (GASP) 'untrusted site' and I can make no further progress from that page, other than to close the tab entirely. Which leaves me in doubt that I am logged out from Yahoo, and ... well, no disrespect to Yahoo but I do NOT prefer to remain logged in there when I leave.

This, however, is the reason there is no Pic'o'Day today. That, and I must head outside again after feeding the Kids, and the Cows, and haying the goats in several locations, to disconnect some water points due to tonight being a Hard Freeze. Which means according to the weather services, we'll be below the freezing point of water for a minimum of two hours, and likely as long as four to six hours.

At any rate, despite recently renewing a 'membership' on Flickr, I am now contemplating moving my image hosting to another service simply because A) this odd behaviour is disgruntling and disturbing and B) there may be other alternatives.
Tags: no art, photography hosting services, ranch

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