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And Today...

without doing anything different that I know of -- well not totally true. I did 'flush cookies and temp files' and AVG ran a complete system scan (including two USB connected 500 Gb HD with the internal 120 Gb HD) for a mere 10 hours plus of scanning. And the weather today is clear, nary a cloud in the sky whereas yesterday, Friday and Thursday all saw some overcast here. Other than that, though, nothing different and this morning Flickr and PC co-operate and I can log in to my account.

Evening Dancer

Dance sculpture in the dance studio where my great-niece takes dance classes. Evening sunlight through a window, hand-held and while I'm not sure what ISO I used off the top of my head, I usually am shooting at 400.

Ranch Watch without any problems yesterday. Rain through the morning and early afternoon, so while I did head out to feed the Kids and Horses, didn't put supplemental out for anyone else. Despite their vocal complaints, goats were not coming out from under the shelter roofs and hogs were not leaving their huddle piles. So Houdini and I ran into town for a couple bales of Georgia Coastal on the theory that I'd spread that around in the evening if the rain continued or not.

As it happened, or not. So they still got their hay and the skies cleared off.

Laundry through the afternoon, along with the trouble-shooting mentioned above and some other work on odds and ends about the house. Today looks to be more of the same. There are some physical plant projects I'm contemplating for Studio, but I won't be getting into those while on Ranch Watch as they probably require tools I am 'storing' at a friends shop. Close by, for sure, and 'storing' means S has the use of those tools (and does use them). So for now, simply contemplation.

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