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wait... where is it... oh, yes, that's right once again either FF or AVG or Sky Interwebs and Flickr are not playing well together again so there IS NO PIC-O-DAY.

Do feel free to skip the cut link, seriously, as it is mostly me being rather boringly emo.

On the other hand, a couple of nice days in a row. Some good outside work done. Supply run to Sam's Club accomplished. Pleasant time spent with Houdini (less the supply run). And one may choose to take the current spate of problems with connections as a Message from the Universe to get off my posterior and set up a real web site for my photography.

Or not.

We (being Herself and I) are formulating a plan. Laptop is still, as mentioned, functional though there are these occasional bits of irritation trying to connect to an image hosting site. And the sound card, though the drivers were installed per instructions, is not sounding. No sount. Picture, no sound. Likewise, the modem though connection to the 'Net isn't using that. Also likewise, the wired network card. Drivers say they installed fine, System Manager says No Can Haz Network Cardz.

So we're beginning to shop for a replacement which will most likely be a desktop and my PC. At which point I will re-configure Laptop slightly and load her Husqvarna 4D software onto Laptop and she will begin making wonderful things with her Husqvarna fancy sewing machine.

We shall see.
Tags: art, life the universe and everything

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