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An Unusual Post

While I'm quite appreciative of the 'shopping list' or 'wish list' features found on several commercial web sites, including Amazon and B&H Photo, I've not used them personally. I suppose I should start, after all it is a good means to an end of communicating what would be both useful and appreciated by someone. What makes this post unusual isn't that I don't use the wish lists, it's ... well, I'm going to create a single item one here.

One of my nieces contacted me today regarding this watch:

She'd been contacted through a bit of a round-about manner by the person sourcing that auction for additional information regarding the individual cited as the recipient of the presentation. The auctioneer is correct about the patent mentioned, and about the race. As well there is at least one other important automotive innovation which he built the very first prototype, and that would be the windshield defroster/heater system we all use these days.

Not so much about the number of living relatives, however, nor in how many generations removed. There's at least a dozen in the second generation (grandchildren) and I've not heard that the last surviving child passed away yet.

I know this because the fellow was my grandfather.

Yes, there is a slight difference in the spelling of family names. That would be due to a fellow who set that spelling down when Gramps went to work for Mr. Olds (prior to his going to work for Mr. Hudson). Gramps never changed it because that spelling also went along to the IRS for income tax purposes. My dad changed the spelling along the same lines, first employment records. Neither one of them nor myself spell the name the same way Great-Grandfather did.

At any rate. Yes, if anyone reading this can spare the change and wants to bid on that watch, I'll provide a shipping address if you win the auction and feel inclined to let me know. Meanwhile, I'll be pretty happy with the assorted hand tools I own which I know came from Gramps tool chest or shop.
Tags: family, family history, history

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