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And overheard from two travelers riding the opposite slide-walk (departing Vegas) ... "Hey, where are those guys going?"

Things done today, not a lot. A big handful of small trees which would become problems taken down. Three more which are or are nearly problems to go. Those will want assistance to encourage them to fall in the desired direction, and Herself is off to SCA this weekend. As good as they are, the Bros are not quite good enough to herd falling trees. Errand run, replacement hose bibs purchased. Not replaced yet, but purchased. And a book read.

Robert Parker's Now, & Then in his Spencer series. One of my favourite detective/mystery character sets. Ever since the television show & movies, when I read Hawk I hear Avery Brooks voice. He be Hawk.
Tags: art, humour, ot-tarz, otterz, photography, reading

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