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I did a small bit of research this morning. Exciting start to a story that, eh? Really grabs you and makes you want to read on, find out... what? What research? Earth-shattering, improve health care, newest nuclear physics discover?


The earliest date I find for starting to use Flickr is ‘02, so about eight years. I know that I first paid for a ‘pro’ account in ‘06, because that way I could increase the number of sets on the stream and I’d photographed the OR Holiday Party, so needed more sets. I don’t remember if Yahoo already acquired Flickr... no, I do, because my login to Flickr is the same name I’d established for Yahoo. So yes, Yahoo had, and what I don’t recall is how soon after I started using Flickr that Yahoo made it easy to import photos from a Yahoo Photo account. I’d used one of those too.

I am by no means a high-level customer. I’ve seen Flickr streams with over 15,000 images. Mine is a mere 1,300 plus some change. Over time a number of features to help organise photos came along; Collections which can hold multiple Sets added, different means of ‘filtering’ for those of us who post artwork which not everyone will want to see, and for those who think it may truly mean something quite a bit of statistical data one ones stream as well as individual photos.

Today I figured out how to organise sets within collections. No idea how long this capability existed, probably right from the beginning. Lets you know how much attention I pay to such things, and the biggest reason I went looking for something like this is the set called Pic’o’Day. When I first made that set, to help keep track of what is posted as a daily photographic meditation, it listed at the top when selecting Add To Set. Moved down that list as I added more sets. Wanted it back to the top again. After all, posting a picture a day, it’s convenient to quickly select that set.

Now some of this is due to that bit about learning what I can do with it. Some is related to the recent episodes where connecting to the site proved difficult. Still not sure what the cause is, though I’m leaning towards signal interference since it isn’t restricted to only Flickr. It is, however, most common with this site. Some is related to I’m thinking it’s time to re-establish a specific photographic web site under my own name. Had one, up until very recently, via the AT&T Worldnet Personal Web Pages feature. That is now history, AT&T closed down the Worldnet.

Flickr is a fairly good deal, not terribly expensive for essentially unlimited storage & viewing, and a good bit of flexibility in setting up how to view. On the other hand, for recognition purposes or navigation the URL to get to a specific (mine) Flickr Stream is... less than straightforward. I’ve found it much easier to usually point people to my LJ and tell them to use the link there to the Flickr. Self-promotion, something I’m not specially strong at, means that it should be very straightforward and easy to point people to my web site. Just like telling them madshutterbug dot livejournal dot com takes you straight to my (most often used) blog.

Deviant Art, another site I’ve been using for a wee bit, is by comparison more expensive, though still with unlimited storage. Paying users do receive more features. DA’s built-in filtering means that unregistered users will see a place-holder image for anything deemed ‘Adult Content’, as will anyone with a profile birth date entry making them younger than 18 years. Convenient in many ways, it also means that a portion of my portfolio is not visible to non-members.

DA also makes it fairly convenient to make prints available. I need to research this a bit more from the point of view of selling work; I’m not currently using this because I prefer to sign my work. Prints purchased through DA go straight to the purchase, IIRC. DA gets a percentage of the sale price, which is fair.

Etsy is another realm I need to explore a bit more, as I know there are people selling photography there. This venue is, probably, a bit limiting for me as I’m not at all sure, from what explorations I’ve done, that my figure art (NUDES, OK, there, I said it) is appropriate to the site. Dunno, maybe they are.

On another hand, somehow I don’t think my nudes will be my biggest sellers, anyway.
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