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Cape Cod Cottage


Answer, when it is the 'work camp' for the research project that a group of grad students are participating in at Boston College. The silhouette photo of the swallows posted a while back is from this location as well; they are studying territorial behaviour of these birds. So the cottage contains a (very) small kitchen, a small general room, and a bedroom with four bunk beds in it. Hardly luxurious, but then they get to live out on Sandy Neck...

In other news, I posted a note to the seller of the watch I mention in a previous blog entry, updating them a little bit with some info. Seller stated they'd tried contacting surviving relatives but only a handful are still alive, and 4 - 5 generations out. I think my cousins and sister might like to know ... we're mostly all still kicking and we are 2nd generation from Gramps, eh? I'm not counting cousins from Mom's side of the family in this either, only from Dad's.
Tags: art, cape cod, photography, rural, scenic

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