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More Ning

Today I am off work at Hospital, so I am home. In theory this means I could sleep in a bit. In practice, a Border Collie woke me at 05:45 because (I believe) still being slug-a-bed meant something Not Right and so time to Get Up. I believe this in big part because when I took Houdini out (thinking perhaps time to Relieve Hydrostatic Pressure, eh?) he really didn't need to relieve much pressure. And he's been periodically nudging me and looking at the shower when I wander through the bathroom.

So I've been up, drinking my morning coffee (More Ning), and taking care of some business via the Web. This includes actual business and general surfing. At the same time I've been paging through various folders/directories (odd how the names for file storage on a PC or PC related device carry through from first learning...) to continue cataloging some images.

And thinking, it's morning, my usual time of highest energy, greatest productivity, and I should be making a nice, thoughtful, cogent blog entry.


Yup, this is it.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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