madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Wyrd Sister #1

Wyrd Syster #1

Spent the afternoon working on teh Ranch. Simply being a day off of Hospital does not mean it is a day off. Expanded one hog pen, which fact did affect the selection of subject for today's post. Not the specifics, the model. Those of you who know Marjai will know why the juxtaposition of hogs, hog pens, and Marjai is somewhat ironic.

Houdini tried to go walkabout while I worked on the hog pen. Little did he know that I was keeping an eye on him. Too bad for Houdini. He will, however, accompany us when we go out to give the kids their evening feed, and he'll walk by with me to feed the cows. Good for Houdini.
Tags: art, figures, nudes, photography, portrait, studio

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