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More Mirror and Additional Information

Morning On Milford Sound

About the photo first: this is from our holiday to South Island, New Zealand in September '01. Terribly cliche I know, yet we did do a lot of the 'tourist' things and got to see Milford Sound. I've previously shown you the B&W landscape of this spot, or fairly close to this exact shooting spot of which I am quite fond. This one rather more meets the requirement for the upcoming NCFPC competition theme including both the mirror surface, reflection, and object reflected. I've gone through several permutations of a title, so that's why the floor is open for suggestions.

As you may see, the day started off with a low overcast; we'd experienced some open sky sunny-ness before driving through Homer Tunnel, under the mountain which blocked a portion of these clouds from passing further inland. This portion of the Sound is fairly well sheltered from the off-shore winds which we experienced later.

From the competition manual, supplementary, image size for the submission is to be 1024 pixels on the long axis; the projector software automatically resizes vertical long axes to the projector max, I've sized this more or less square image to that limitation. Aside from the 'signature' and the fact that I suspect I didn't do my 'end processing' addition of Unsharp Mask on this copy, it's about where I plan on it for submission, including the square formatting. The other specifications for the competition are the specifics on file name for the competition (name, rank, and serial number essentially) and that it be a high-quality JPG.
Tags: art, landscapes, mirror, photography, scenic

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