madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Sigh of Relief

I've actually felt quite a disturbance in my wa not being able to post the Pic'o'Day this week. Due to circumstances, yes, including five and a half hours overtime yesterday. Still... yes.


The tractor is mine, and while the title reflects what I saw, it was not and is not actually abandoned. It is a 1951 Ford 8N which I use somewhat regularly on my small corner of the world. The photograph is from a test-roll shot with my Mamiya C330 while preparing for a major trip. This photo is post-processed to convert from colour to B&W, since the test roll was to determine did I like Fuji Provia 100 transparency film. I determined that yes, I do, and so took 30 some rolls with me to New Zealand. Purchased another dozen while there as well. That trip also saw me using about the same amount of black & white film, and a few others by different manufacturers. Provia 100 provides a marvelous base image for display, either direct projection (it is a colour transparency film) or printed.

This image obviously is processed to B&W. Another experiment with that process. Curves adjusted somewhat first, then desaturated. Not a part of the Mirror project, and yes I am still looking forward to feedback. Astute observers may well see the (exact) similarity, other than the process to B&W & some cropping, with my LJ icon titled "Harrison".
Tags: art, b&w, ford 8n, photography, scenic

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