madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Sunburned Ma Scalp

On Sunday, that is. Cleaning off the back deck of Studio 318 which while in the shade, when I went out to give Houdini a bath (he and Herself got into a game of Hose, perfect time for a bath) was not in shade. Add to that cleaning out two ice chest coolers which were on the back deck, and none of that wearing my hat, and t'were afternoon.

When did my hair get so thin...

Anyway, after yesterday there being quirkiness with connections and very weird dreams (more in a bit) last night, I feel like posting

Working title, Magdalena. Alternate title, Odalisque. Done in 2000 using Mamiya C330 and 80 mm lens and Ektachrome colour transparency.

Dreams which may or not of inspired today's posting selection. First, either trying to get into the mind of (or was I the) serial killer. Just how did the car drive into the house non-destructively, anyway? Not as in garage attached to house, in the Living Room. Second, van stopped at traffic light (van hasn't run for... long time) and unscrupulous vendor types begin dis-assembling engine through the hood (how did they open it from outside, anyway?). Unrequested, undesired, and delayed us starting a 5 hour drive, which we didn't complete as a consequence.

However, the dead body from the serial killer proved handy, as I left it in the vendors office and called the police.
Tags: art, figures, nudes, photography, weird dreams

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