madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Not Hogswatch


Up not terribly early today, and got moving rather earlier than normal for a Saturday. However, plans for the day required it. Fed the 'H' animals (Horses & Hogs) then resumed getting Studio 318 ready for today's session with Doozer and Nonwo. Hmm, well, we'll hold with the second name for now. At any rate, they arrived near on time, we worked for a couple hours and made some good material. Post production is started, and y'all still get to wait until the two of them receive their post-prod CD/DVD. Just because I said so.

Though I will say that popperaussie joined us, and got a few shots of his own. However, he said something to the ladies at the end there, not sure what but they seemed a bit upset with him.

Also, it appears that my work-induced lethargy facilitated forgetting to mention yesterday is/was janetmiles Hippie Birdbaths! So, a very merry Unbirdbaths today. Also also, today is someone else's Hippie Birdbaths, however they do not list their natal date in their information so this will be a bit more general of a wishing.

Right, did you see that, Ren?
Tags: art, bones, hippie birdbaths, photography

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