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Week. End.

I could say quiet, and in ways it is. On the other hand, things are happening as well, so not exactly 'quiet' as in nothing going on. As mentioned up and moving relatively early yesterday, straightening up Studio for session. Good fun, some interesting pieces. Post-production continues, with the basic cataloging info entered on all images and now image conversion for JPG's taking place. Then the question is, make TIFF copies as well before burning backup, or burn backup disks.

At that point, the 'slogging' begins, with rough edits to crop out studio background before burning the 'proofs' disks for the parties involved.

Today will be dealing with goats day. We re-vamped our temporary holding pen to make it a tad larger and connect to the fence for goat paddock. This makes getting goats for sale/transport into the holding pen much easier; just open the gate & put down some feed and goats walk in. Unlike roach motels, some goats do walk out, back into paddock. However, again it's easier to sort. Then later today Herself tells me we are expecting the purchaser to arrive, a gentleman living in South Florida somewhere who wants to establish a goat herd large enough to provide at least dairy and possibly meat for his family.

Should this actually happen, we'll be decreasing our herd size fairly significantly. Good move on a couple points. We keep a majority of the youngsters kidded in the last year and a bit, so there are adolescents almost ready to breed and some older experienced does to provide consistency. Goats do learn by example, as well as giving them enough time before breeding. 'Teen-age' pregnancies are as much a problem for goats as humans. So as mentioned, we move along mostly some more 'mature' animals, no bucks or bucklings leaving us with sales for later this year as well. And, with fewer animals on the same paddock, both browse and supplemental feed goes further. Savings, not to mention the proceeds from the sale provide some of that supplemental feed.

Purple Martins are still about. Apparently they approve of the apartment complexes we provided. This is a happy thing.

Doing background work for establishing a Ranch web site. Herself got quite excited about this, doing research, found several places about where folk are raising stock much as we are, and using the Web to help their ranching/farming business move. We'll see where this takes us.

For now, breakfast, then out to feed in teh morning.
Tags: life the universe and everything, ranch

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