madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Moar Otterz Mob


Popper and some West Coast friends looking over Lake Mead. They took a day-trip break from Fred-Con to see a big body of water; at least that's what they said. There'd been something in the news that morning though about the LVPD and a ruckus at the Bellagio Fountain...

That's Dredd Phredd passed out behind them... too much Vegas, maybe.

Somewhat more seriously, part of the 'mechanics' of photographing a travelling stuffed toy otter that purports to be a photographer involve keeping said otter upright. At this point, we used one of our old point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, without film, and it still proved heavy enough (particularly if along came a breeze) to topple Popper over nose-first. Hanging from the back of Popper's vest is a die key-chain which worked fairly well as a counter-weight. Fairly well, because it also tended to pull his vest down off his shoulders after a while. The long-term solution is a toy camera, much lighter. Best part is (according to Popper) if you look at it, you'll see some photos he made of Vegas.
Tags: art, humour, otterz mob, photography, scenic

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