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Saturday Morning Nine Ay Em

Lots of odd thoughts flitting through my mind off and on. Some apparently are important enough to remember, because this morning first up and onto the PC world I made notes. All things related to photography, and maybe rather boring here. Maybe not, though and anyway, since this is a blog by a photographer, even nattering on about what are essentially the mechanics of working on projects constitutes a photo blog.

Which, quick summary, to myself is that I'm bogged down somehow.

Working on last weekend's session during the week. The first part of almost any post-production on digital work is to add whatever cataloging information is helpful and make backups, not necessarily in that order. Film is similar, catalog info needs to be recorded. Film is both a somewhat less and somewhat more fragile storage media. Done properly there is not degradation in the image. Done improperly and there will be. Some of the adverse conditions here where I live in North Central Baja Jorja include the heat and humidity. Negatives are stored indoors, and in mostly climate controlled locations.

Last weekend, the work is digital. Right now, there are three copies on different hard drives, two being USB and one the internal on Laptop. Still needed are DVD copies. There are sufficient photos that those copies will require two DVD's to back up all photos. One copy goes into the file cabinet with the contract/consent forms as record of the sessions and the other goes into a longer-term safe storage. These copies do not count the disks that need to go to the participants; those are separate. So one of my plans for this weekend is to get the DVD copies for files done, and commence working up the proofs for the participants. This isn't why I'm feeling 'bogged down', however. That process is mostly on track and time.

It's the concepts in my head which aren't being rendered in recorded media that make me feel bogged down.

Take for instance the small collection of CRT monitors over there in Studio. Some are monitors we've used, and they got old and replaced by newer yet didn't get disposed of. Some are monitors that former tenants of the building now known as Studio 318 left behind when they moved out. Those may or may not be functional, I've not tried them. At least one is recently 'retired' by the purchase of the new large screen LCD monitors Herself and I are using. That bit about LCD monitors, that provides part of the rub here because the newer flat monitors pretty well killed any resale value for old CRT's. I'll need to take them to the electronics recycling area of the County Dump.

On the other hand, a CRT monitor is a classic image representing 'computers and computing'. And I've an idea to play on that classic image, mildly inspired by bits out of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Working through that concept builds up certain needs: What is the viewpoint of the Viewer seeing the final product? Where does the camera need to be in relation to the object to provide that viewpoint? Slowed me down a bit based on the original concept of the monitors situated on the studio blocks which will provide the basic image to build. Need to be looking 'up' at those monitors. Not quite enough height to do that with the blocks. Means I need to rebuild the base for this.

Except not really; yesterday evening while parboiling myself it occurred to me there are sufficient items on hand to achieve desired angle and lighting without further expense. Though that bit about rebuilding the base, that still applies to some extent just not to limit starting on this project.

Thing is, on this, that feeling of being overwhelmed, bogged down was sitting on me until last weekend. And the query that came along leading to last weekend, while based on discussions back around New Years, came in ... oh, not much more than a week before the session. Getting something moving again, simply by actually doing some work, is good. So for that, Thanks Doozer & Nonwo! Now, just keep it moving Madshutterbug.
Tags: meditation, photography, studio

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