madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Dirty Yard Birds...


Two of the three hens currently 'free ranging' in with the goats in their pole barn. I particularly like the colours of the hen in the foreground. On a side note, it is quite amazing the dent three hens may make into a mosca domestica population.

To Dones: feed run with assorted other supplies (light) and petrol to the pickup truck, feed stowed, laundry started, AC window unit for Herself's Cottage cleaned out and fan lubricated (thereby functional again), chicken chicks delivered/picked up by friend for her mother.

To Does: more laundry, move the rain pavilion back to the Adolescent Doeling pen so they've better shelter from upcoming (hopefully) rain, and more post-production photography work. We'd moved the pavilion so that goats in the holding pen (for sale) would have shade. Purchaser did not show, goats went back into the paddock therefor able to find shade when desired. Pavilion to move as described.

Not Done: Go Swimming. ::sighs::
Tags: art, birds, livestock, photography, ranch

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