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Photo Graphy Stuph

Sometime this week, the lens is supposed to arrive.  I've got a tracking number, and the package has left Denver.  That was Friday.  I don't expect it to move a lot over the holiday weekend though.

Saturday evening I wandered over to Horseman's Park where the local not quite a municipality put on the July Fourth fireworks display on July Third.  Williston usually does an OK show, not so long as a big Disney spectacular, but a good show.  Plus, I wanted to see how well the Nikon Coolpix would handle it, having a "Fireworks Show" menu selection and all.  Of course I wanted the largest possible images, so I set the camera on Fine and 2272 x 1704 pixels.

Overall, I think it did an acceptable job.  Now, did the photographer, that's the bigger question.  This is the first time I've used that mode, so it's learning curve time.  Four second exposure, and a moderate write time.  Film would probably move along faster, but would still be that four second shutter time.  At any rate, one of the more interesting ones is my wall paper now.

Next project on that count here at the LJ is to learn how to use a cut and post some of these photos.  That's supposed to be one of the goals with this LJ anyway, to put up images from time to time for feedback from friends and not-friends.  Probably not today, since I'm home and using the wonderful, rural southern telephone line dial-up connection. Can you say 24? Sure, I knew you could.


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