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Before the Storm

Last night we spent a nice, quiet night at the house. Most of the Family went off to a bowling alley to relax and let the kids play. We watched the house. Didn't watch television, didn't listen to the radio. Ordered a chef salad, garlic rolls, and a stromboli for delivery and just kicked back in the Quiet.

The fish are still waiting.

Today is the first Viewing. Following that will be a Family Dinner at Olive Garden. We (Ruthie & I) refer to that as The Bland Place. Good, but bland. On the other hand, they've always got space for a large Family group, so 'sall good.

Phoned up our friends and neighbors who are covering the ranch, and all is well there. So why do I keep thinking I've heard the Border Collie Bros. We may do a day-trip up on Sunday to check mail and other things. Or we may not; I'll be heading home on Monday following the Service.

Then I'll have two days to get ready for the annual hadj.

I am not bored.

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