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Something Is Borked

Something is borked with the interwebz this morning here on teh Ranch. At least two of the sites I use for various and sundry (blogging and art) will allow my login, yet display a 404 Not Found when I attempt to view profiles or 'home' pages for those sites. Both of them use 'customised' URL's in the text version leading off with the 'madshutterbug' name. One will not allow reading page and also displays the 404 message. It is not a browser specific problem, as this got checked using three different browsers. Ah well.

Lots but not severe thunder here yesterday evening, right on time for heading over to friends for dinner. Got all the denizens of teh Ranch fed (and specifically the Triple Bellas) before the rain started, and brought Houdini with me because of the thunder. Curiously enough, he proved rather calm about it in the Subaru. I theorise this is due to both the car and rides being strongly associated with fun, pleasure, and safety as well as a lot of my scent in it. The latter because I've not been using the AC recently, and on the commute home from Hospital it's usually quite warm/hot the past couple of weeks. At any rate he stayed in the car at the friends house (their dogs being inside, and we've not previously introduced them to each other). No huhu, I'm impressed.

Humidity here this morning is fierce, kicking the perceived temparature up a few notches. Morning rounds and feeding (specifically the Triple Bellas) is done, and the t-shirt I wore is soaked. Going to be a good day to stay in the shade, or indoors. Outside, in the shade with a breeze it doesn't feel too bad. Plus it is still overcast with patches of sunlight, so maybe not too hot too soon.

We'll see what the Interwebz say about cross-posting here shortly.

ETA: Actually, more interesting (if frustrating/annoying) data; trying to view one of the above sites without logging in, simply typing that 'customised' URL into the navigation window yields not the site but... Google! In iGoogle Mode! Not logged in there, either so it's the generic display.

The same test for the other site yields the 404 Invalid URL message.

However, cross-posting appears to be working.

' "Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice.'
Tags: life the universe and everything

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