madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Morning Meditations

Fairly mellow evening at work yesterday; this is a good thing.

Watched quiet a fabulous light show on the drive home, to the north and west of us. So no surprise when at some point in the wee hours, a Border Collie attempted to hide underneath me in the bed. Not underneath the bed. Me. Rolling basso profundo Sky Grumbler voices accompanied that light show. Didn't last particularly long, didn't blow over rapidly either. Thus a bit tired this morning. Not bad.

Will be heading out soon to feed the Horses and Hogs; I'll leave the Goats and Kids for Herself. Then put together the camera bag including the two disposable underwater cameras for the experimental photography. Unless there is more lightning about I intend to try this experiment regardless of light, as in even if it's still overcast I want to try this. Partially this is because my source to a pool with the requisite privacy to work on these shots is about to thin out. The friend whose pool we will be using (with friend as 'lookout' in case family show up unexpectedly) is embarking on a marvelous professional opportunity. The opportunity also happens to be overseas, so access to that pool will be significantly curtailed for a bit.

Their abode will not be vacant, as family will be staying there. Just, not sure family is willing to be front people for the specific genre of photography.

Sort of on that note, though obviously I'm not feeling particularly 'blocked' here, today's LJ Writer's Block prompt, Say Cheese asks: Do you generally like or hate when people take photos of you? Do you feel anxious when friends post pictures of you online? Is your first inclination to link to them or hide them?

Don't hate it, might like it (depends on the photo), and not so much on either linking or hiding. It's a very general response, not a lot of detail. But hey... now, self-portraits, that's a different matter. I do them periodically, and there are more than a few I've not posted anywhere.
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