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A triptych is a set of three images, related to each other in some manner, and to be viewed as the three images. Sometimes the three make a single large image when viewed together. Sometimes two of the images 'complement' the main (central) of the three. This is often seen in religious artwork, where the central image is usually the primary one, and the two outer images are supportive. Another variation, as this one is, may be three images in sequence, and thus telling a bit more of the 'story' involved.

In days gone by I often heard accusations from fellow photographers, particularly in the few academic/actual classes I've taken, of photographing 'in available darkness'. This is of course a spin-off of 'available light' which means using (either 'natural' light or man-made') whatever light source is available. My photos tended to include a lot of dark areas, because often there wasn't much light available. Low-light photography, capturing an image under severe conditions, fascinates me.

The only light source used in this triptych is... the City of Chicago at Night. So, in reality, streetlights, building lights, automobile lights on the roads, all of that contributed to the lighting here. Camera is on a tripod, film speed 800 ISO. Exposure times were... seconds, not fractions of seconds or if so, 1/2 second or so.

I also experimented in trying to fit the 'most' image onto a computer screen when doing the scans, which led to overlapping the area outside the window rather more than not. As I've looked at this over time, I'm thinking it needs a re-do, including more of the window and the reflection of the model in it. Discussion of this latter concept is open.

In other news, picked up the film (with disks) from Flair Lab coming home today. I've skimmed through the images and am fairly happy with the outcomes. Significantly less abstract, if not less surreal than the image posted Sunday. Quite easy to note which frames the clouds did not occlude/filter the sunlight, and which frames they did not. All in all, as an experiment and as some potential building blocks for some science-fiction imagery, a good outcome.

In other, other news Sydney SubaruOutback now is status post bilateral total joint arthroplasties (replacement of CVJ axles) in the front, a new wheel bearing on the front right, and the new tires went on earlier this week. He's... quiet when running now. No thum thum thum noise. I've discovered how much I used that noise to judge my speed, and found myself travelling... rather a bit much faster than posted speed limits on the way home. Several times.

Of course I slowed down after scanning the speedometer...
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