madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Underwater Experimental

Tentative title: Free Fall


In general, my position is that one works to the limits of the equipment. This comes from my early teaching from my father, as does my tendency to compose/crop to full frame. To the latter, I am between two thoughts on cropping this one; not sure the light in the wall of the pool adds anything, nor am I certain it detracts. To the former, the optics are what they are, a disposable camera thus an inexpensive (probably plastic) lens, and 800 ISO film. Either film or digital, around 800 ISO speeds one begins to see grain or 'noise' in ones images.

For an experiment, to stretch a bit in a direction not previously followed, the equipment and timing proved satisfactory.
Tags: art, figures, nudes, photography, underwater

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