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Viewing, Round One


What can I say, a Viewing is a Viewing. Yesterday's took place from 16:00 to 19:00, which really meant about a half-hour later than that on all counts. A steady stream of people, many whom I recognized, many whom I did not, came through despite the rainy weather. The family opted for the same viewing room at the funeral home, either that or Mother Mary did (she did pre-plan and pre-pay this). There are some extras which the children decided to do above and beyond what Mary paid for.

We went off to Olive Garden for dinner following the Viewing. Late dinner; the reservation was for 26, and we probably had 20 there. I would call it a good dinner, though both Ruthann and I are in agreement still; if you want rather bland Italian food, go to Olive Garden. Still, good visits across the board.

Back home, let Rafe the Puppy out (Paul's Australian Shepherd pup), sent an e-mail to Uncle R that his flowers arrived, and then a wee bit of web surfing. Then to bed, midnight, *sigh*.

So today will be Viewing, Round Two this afternoon. Meanwhile it's morning and I've got coffee and in a little bit it will be time to let Rafe the Puppy out again. Paul felt like he might be imposing, asking us to take care of Rafe at the house (he's staying at a local hotel with wife and children, can't keep the pup there). We assured him it's delightful, we're getting our puppy fixes with Rafe. We miss Mamma Munch and the Border Collie Bros. Ah well. Soon enough home.

But for right now...



Hey, Boss, whats goin on?


Bossbossboss BOOSSS Boss bossboss *dancingsingingdancing*

Squrrel, you too... hey guys what you doing here?

*much tail wagging chorus*

Boss, I missed you. Don't worry, everythings OK at teh Ranch *Houdini leans and stands* Gotta lick yer face, Boss I missed you *facelicks abound*

Hey, it's OK guys *Squrrel dancing spinning*

MoveOVER Houdini let me lick his face hey Boss we met some really nice people that know you and some really big guys that live someplace called Scotts Land and a couple of cats and I saw a GOOSE too and and

Calm down, Squrrel. Hey Smudger, how's things? *Smudge leans into knees and waits for head pats*

Alright, though, everythings OK at the Ranch? Miss Lilly is checking on you guys?

Houdini: Yea, boss, every day, and the goats are fine. I'm not in trouble am I? I just couldn't wait and Squrrel was frantic (I was not either!) and I found the way into the Internet Place and...

It's OK, guys, Stay and visit a while, and we'll be home in another day or so.

We missed you too.

Here, meet Rafe. He's a puppy and a distant cousin breed from Down Under in Oz.

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