madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,



Though I expect this may cap the theme for me, since it's also finishing the week (as it were).

As of today, all proofs disks delivered to all recent participants in a photo session. Yea. Met Techno and handed off Doozer's disk, as well as some fun discussion (because hey, we met in a cafe in a bookstore, eh?) about fantasy and science fiction genre pieces. Thanks for a great chat, Techno! Oh, and I remembered the other thing I was going to mention that I like about the Dresden universe... the laws (as we know them) of physics are fairly well honored. It takes energy to work magic, and the effects require energy from the environment... it isn't free at all.

Steak for dinnner. Later.
Tags: art, figures, nudes, photography, underwater

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