madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Crazy. Hot. Wet. Crazy

It is crazy hot lately, early in the season for it and running into the 90's F or 30's C (specifically, middle to high). With humidity figured in for the 'heat index' we've been notified of perceived temps into the 40's C / 100's F. Hot. Walking around outside is an exercise in patience, not hurrying anywhere, putting the Border Collie Lesson to good use. The shortest distance between two points includes all the shade there is. Stepping into shade after moving through the direct sunlight and the perceived temperature drops. Measure it with a thermometer, and it is real. The difference may be as much as 5 C / 10 F between sun and shade, and is immediately noticeable.

Step out the door from someplace air conditioned (most places any more these days, including of course automobiles). Feel as though stepped into a sauna. As if could slice the air apart with a knife. Like ones airways will be seared simply through breathing. For quite a while I try to keep using the 4/40 air conditioning method; put down all four windows on the Subaru and drive 40 MPH. Recently though, not so much, and the AC button is pushed 'On' more often than not.

For a good long stretch, a high pressure system sat on us, preventing the usual weather patterns. Sea breezes blow from both coasts, Atlantic and Gulf, colliding in the middle of the peninsula. That collision of air masses coupled with their moisture is what produces the daily thunderstorms which so terrorize my dog Houdini. High pressure made him a bit happier, no breezes means no storms.

When they resume, we see another classic bit of North Central Baja Jorja weather. We may get rain on teh Ranch, and nearby Archer does not. Or the inverse as well. It can be finer even than that bit of distinction. Drove into Archer today to pick up some small supplies from the Ace Hardware. Drove through rain between Archer and our place, quite literally through and onto dry highway again. Then into light rain, and out; the road still wet, and beginning to steam off the rainfall. Ahead, after turning onto our road I see the grey mass which means more rain. Turning onto our private road (too long to feel comfortable calling it a driveway), getting out to open our gate, I can see it and hear it falling on our next-door neighbors north paddock. It is a downpour, and I know there will be standing and running water in the various undulations of that paddock. Yet here I am, moving from car to gate and back again, dry.

Welcome, to North Central Baja Jorja in the summer.
Tags: life, weather

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