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I feel like Tanuki in the fable about the tea house. Too hot! Too hot! And like Tanuki, running around doesn't really help much.

The past couple of nights are quite loud outside. Not people loud. Crickets, frogs, probably cicadas, and all of it combining to create a sonorous cacophony. It is impressive; not so loud that a television (with windows closed and AC running) can't drown it out. However, opening the door to take out Houdini for evening constitutional, or the Kittehs of Apocalypse, and the sound envelops you.

During the day, cicadas sing as well (or is it play, actually, since they make their sounds by rubbing their legs together as crickets do), and lo those many years ago I learned a local 'saying' that when the cicadas sing it is officially hot. This is related to ... well, biology of course, because they don't get energetic enough to sing until ambient temperatures get quite warm enough.

Firesmith commented to my pool photos theme that he'd like to see something cool (like, in a pool) continue. So here we are. The photo itself is a link to the Flickr site. Click on it; it's the first in the series. Then look for the little 'projection screen' icon in the 'Set' box to the right and click that. Watch the series as a slide show.

Tags: art, humour, life, people, photography

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