madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Happy July Fourth Weekend

It is a holiday weekend here in my corner of the Universe, and most everybody is off playing and enjoying themselves. Most everybody, not everyone. Worked last night at Hospital because hey, hospitals don't close on holiday weekends. Will work some more as the weekend progresses. Since I worked the night shift, when I got home this morning toddled off to bed for a few hours, up at noon, and Houdini happily climbed into bed with me. According to Herself he slept most of the night under my desk in the Office. So it's not like he was tired; he just is getting lazy. Heh.

Doing laundry now. Artificially drove up my Flickr statistics in the wee hours this morning after cleaning up at Hospital, by showing pictures to co-workers I've not seen for a while. Welcome to my exciting weekend.

Winter Contemplates the Horn
Tags: art, fae, fairy, people, photography, portrait
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