madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

More Summer Fae

Poll #1589818 Summer Fairies On a Cruise

These two Summer Fairies are travelling:

In a leaf
In a pea-pod
On a hedgehog
In a jar cap
In a banana peel
A Ticky Box
Other, eh, Comments, eh?

1000 Words: This Picture

I will tell you the story in comments
I will not tell you the story in comments
I'll make comments, but no story
I'll tell you a story, but it doesn't involve these Summer Fairies

Last but Not Least

Gratuitous Ticky Box
Ticky Radio Buttons are just not as much fun as Ticky Boxes

I am beginning to understand, however, why my friend tx_cronopio usually posted primarily a Gratuitous (or something) Friday Poll. Coming up with the questions is a bit challenging. Particularly after a Stay Late at Hospital which lasted as late as last night's did. ::sighs:: Perhaps I'll choose to do one a week as well, with photographs of course.

In other news, am off today from Hospital because I will be working on Saturday. So this afternoon I took Herself on down the road to test a second route to a location she is planning to participate in a Farmers Market. Road time is about the same, perhaps a bit less, than the alternate route but significantly less that the first route she took. Granted, that route assumed a different location for the Farmers Market.

While there, we also looked up a gallery recommended to me by one of the surgeons, also a photographer, I've worked with at Hospital. Found same, a brief and interesting discussion held, and potentially more later.

In other, other news, it's about time to head out and feed Cows. I think. Possibly.
Tags: art, building blocks, fae, fairy, fantasy, photography, portrait

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