madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Flickr Playing Nicely Now


Reference more to the Flickr connection than to the photograph. Neither of them look like they were either abstaining from playing nicely, nor interested in feeding cows.

I am of the very strong opinion it is either the sky internet connection, or the particular router that we've got. Laptop, post crash last October, will only connect to the Internet via wireless. This despite the modem drivers telling me they've installed correctly, and the wired network card drivers telling they've installed correctly. Still, W#nd*ws says no network card and no modem, only wireless.

Srsly? Is probably time for new PC's for both of us. Also Srsly? Not so much in the budget just now.

In other news, the music selection is first up on the iShuffle.
Tags: art, fae, fairy, fantasy, photography, portfolio

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