madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Today Is Not The Day

For doing much involving graphic files online from teh Ranch. Some of the icons here on LJ aren't loading, showing me the 'Broken Link' picture. Others are. Trying to load Flickr & I'm told there are problems, the site could be offline or something and do I want to load the site later? There are big clouds about, rolling in from the west off the Gulf. I've heard thunder, and furthermore so did Houdini who is now ensconced in one of his safe places, under my desk. That he is also under my feet merely constitutes bonus points on his part.

So, the problem with graphics and web sites which use them could be due to weather clouds interfering with satellite signal. Or something may of upset the router or sky Interwebz modem. It is most likely one of the two, and I'm not ruling out both either. Trying to load Google so I can check e-mail I get a message screen saying 'The Wiki Does Not Exist' and lots of links to make a wiki about Google. Bwa?

It's like, yanno, that line from The Matrix... 'There is no spoon'. There is no Google, the Wiki does not exist.

Now, we're on the sky Interwebz because the land-line telphony provider we must take service from (Break Up Ma Bell! No Monopoly on Telephony! Except, yanno, now one can only get local land-line service from designated providers for specified geographic areas... wait, that sounds like < Dr Evil Voice > I shall call them Mini Monopolies < /Dr Evil Voice >) couldn't be arsed to provide us with DSL service for six years after promising it to the rural area. Let's add insult to injury, and provide it to (granted, unbeknownst to Telephony Companyu) good friends who live One Mile (One Point Six Kilometres) further along the phone line from the switching box than we do two years ago yet continue to tell Us that Why No, We Cannot Provide DSL To Your Abode. We Don't Provide It There. Two. Years.

This is the same telephony provider that asked (politely, kudos to the particular nameless employee), 'May I ask why you are cancelling service with us?' when I contacted them, after Sky Interwebz service started, to cancel the second phone line we'd been using for s. l. o. w. d. i. a. l. u. p.

My answer (politely) was 'Because your company took too long to provide DSL service to this site, and we've got satellite internet now.'

I laugh. I guffaw. I ROTFLMFAO that four weeks later we received a snail mail offer for DSL service...


Damn, that sounds rather like a rant there, eh? Overall, we're pretty happy with our Sky Interwebz. Usually it cruises right along. So long as we can see Sky TV, we usually also connect to Sky Interwebz. Every now and then, weather conspires to cut us off from either or both. Then weather passes, and connectivity returns. This is a good thing. Truly. Because I'm just a stubborn enough SOB to probably not contract with Telephony Provider for their service, just because they took too damn long to provide it.

Besides, it might be the hardware, the wireless router or Post Brain Fart Laptop that is telling me Google: The Wiki Does Not Exist. Flickr: There Is No Picture. Now let's click on 'Post' and find out if LJ is real or memorecks ... wait, that's a registered line, I think...
Tags: life the universe and everything

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