madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

A Twofer

Just to show you (mostly) what we were up to today.

Herself's New Cart

The cart is for her yard tractor. We could also hook it onto the big tractor. Might look a bit odd though. She's looking forward to scraping out the goat barn now. No, Srsly! All that goat manure = Most Excellent Fertilizer!

Come Into My Parlour

This fellow really is not very large, about the size of a US dime. Maybe 1 cm across entire, and tucks legs in under that spiny cover. They very politely mark their webs so we can see them and not walk into them.

Oh, and this early evening while out feeding teh Horses, Kids, and Cows (specifically after feeding Cows and Kids and before Horses because we were extricating Stupid Goats from fence), overhead a cry, looked up, and 18 kites swooped and looped above us. We know there is a pair that nests nearby. We've not seen this many together before.

Welcome to North Central Baja Jorja.
Tags: art, macro, photography, portrait, ranch

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